Welcome to the online accreditation system for 2019 Guinness 6 Nations

Before proceeding with the compilation of the online form please pay attention to notes set out below:

You can fill the request for press accreditation by the following dates:

28th January 2019 for Italy – WALES, Rome, Stadio Olimpico, 9th February 2019, h. 17.45
11th February 2019 for Italy – IRELAND, Rome, Stadio Olimpico, 24th February 2019, h. 16.00
4th March 2019 for Italy – FRANCE, Rome, Stadio Olimpico, 16th March 2019, h. 13.30

Requests received after the deadlines will not be taken into account.

After the completion you will receive a notification that will confirm the registration data, but that does not constitute acceptance of accreditation.

Please to review the guidelines to issue press accreditation at events organized by the FIR. The same is also available on www.federugby.it in the "Sala Stampa" area.

To collect the accreditation must be submitted with ID and press card. Times and places for the withdrawal of press pass will be announced later by e-mail.

No rights TV Broadcasters is not allowed to film during the game. TV operators will not be allowed access to the stands of the stadium (or the Press Box), so during the game will stop the entire technical staff of the press. No Rights TV broadcasters will film only during the post match press conferences and mixed zone.

All photographers will need a BIB in order to work in the stadium. The bibs will be delivered at the Media Centre on match day. To pick up bibs you'll need to have a valid ID card that will be returned at the end of the match (when you'll return your bibs). More info will be communicated later.

Requests for telephone connection should be addressed directly to the national telephone company.